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Being part of Esports projects including the highly successful Gordian Knot website, I wanted to share my experience with other guilds and teams and give this fantastic option of having a website with all it's benefits to others.

Apart from Esports websites, I offer E-Shops among other website options and I will make sure to provide the best possible design in all aspects to help start-ups to grow and become profitable.

Website Design

E-sports and small startups or businesses website designs tailored to you. Together we can achieve a website any team, organisation or guild can be jealous of.

Recruitment section

One of the problems all teams and guilds face. With more than 17 years of experience and with fantastic results on E-sports and in life, I can create the perfect plan for any needs.

24/7 Support

Your website will be guaranteed to run 24/7 and to have optimal funtionality. And all this in the lowest possible cost for you. I know how it feels not to be able to do what you like.

E-Shop Design

E-Shop or businesses website designs exactly as they should be. Simple to operate, 100% secure, with all the import, payment and shipping options you can imagine of.


We take things seriously in all steps of our planning and designing. We never want to give anything less but the best possible website you can get. With every website you get your personal email accounts too.


Affordable plans with plenty of different options. Everything is made clear from day one and there are no hidden costs anywhere. You pay for what you need exactly and nothing more.

What I offer


Special and dedicated section for streamers. I can work with all of your team’s streamers to achieve the best possible result for the team and for them.

News Articles

Together we can find the best way to display your team’s news and achievements. You will have a fantastic way to let people know what you are doing and who you are.


I can offer you as many pages as you like. You can have customizable content for all of your needs, whether this has to do with your rules, info, application forms, rosters, etc.

Webmail support

Webmail support is the perfect way to make all this more professional for your team. You can have as many email addresses you like and all this for free when you buy a website!


We know, we can. Especially for someone who can follow a few simple steps, your website will be on the top of the list in all search engines. And of course, it doesn’t cost anything extra!

Availability, Reliability

We ensure that you website will be always running, 24/7 and that whenever needs our attentions we will be there immediately. Our services are as reliable as you want them to be always.


Gordian Knot

Guild Website
Gordian Knot in WoW Draenor EU

Harmony Dojo

Traditional Japanese
Martial Arts School
in Thessaloniki

Pharmacy Raptouli-Ioannidou

Pharmacy Website
Raptouli-Ioannidou Thessaloniki


Bookkeeping Website
Moustaki Bookkeping Services UK

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